The Undone

by cobaltandrising

Today I was considering the measure of a life—that small thing, I know—and felt as though this word dropped with the lightness of snow straight down upon my soul.


Seems to me we all exist in some state of undone.  I’m not referring to the unbelievable amount of dust attached to my living room blinds, my email inbox, or the status of my personal grooming.  Too easy!  I’m talking about those things we know we were meant to do.  The ones we avoid because of fear and insecurity.  The ones that we think about most of our lives but rarely do anything about.  Those things.  The undone. 

I’ll tell you one thing, friends, the undone is on the verge of undoing me.  Over these last few years, I have found a thousand reasons a day to keep the one who God created me to be safely docked in an obscure harbor.   It’s been a silent, not at all serene and, at times, quite boring existence.  News flash to myself and anyone else who might care to notice: tethers be damned, this vessel’s launchin’!

So here it goes… here are my words to be ignored, devoured, misunderstood, really felt or simply appreciated.  My tête-à-tête with the inner critic is finished (“So long terrible friend”), and the words that have been dying for a taste of sea spray are finally gonna get their due.

Come along with me as I ramble on about life and whatever God wakes my heart to see.

And, lest I forget, what about you?  What’s your undone?

(translation: launch out!!!)