The MAN Among Men

by cobaltandrising

Because you choked up, held your hand over your heart and said, “She’s already breakin’ my heart,” when you learned that your first child was a daughter.

Because you weren’t disappointed with a 2nd daughter.

Because you changed the very first diaper and gave the very first bath.

Because you sing to them, wrestle with them, swing them, take them on dates and adventures.

Because you teach them how to play the guitar.

Because working in the yard with you is something they like to do.

Because you make their favorite Saturday morning breakfast.

Because the ride atop your shoulders is their favorite one.

Because you go down slides with them.

Because you build birdhouses and give bike-riding lessons.

Because you watch football and basketball (and Cinderella) with them.

Because you always bring back sparkly, pink gifts for them when you’ve been away on a trip.

Because you play barefooted in the rain with them.

Because you coach the soccer team.

Because you join in the ballerina/princess dance party after dinner.

Because you take them fishing, kayaking and sledding.

Because you take the time to tell goodnight stories, give snuggles and say prayers.

Because you know that your job is to teach them how a gentleman should treat a lady.

Because you know that “being there” means showing up for all the important stuff…and for bath time, too.

Because you know (one day, sooner than you’d like) you will walk them down an aisle and cry as you give them away.

Because you “get” and live out what so many men do not.

For this and so much more…

Happy Father’s Day!