That Pesky Poem

by cobaltandrising

Sorry, friends, for the unexplained hiatus.  There was a big transition, a cross-country road trip, and then a series of days spent just taking some things in.  I’ll tell you more about it all soon.  But today, in honor of these days of respite spent here in East Tennessee, because I’m really loving my mountains and my time on the swing, and because several of you keep hounding me to post it…well, here you go.



On a porch swing,

feet propped up

with toes spread wide and wriggling,

not chancing to miss

the rushes of coolness

pouring over them

like spring water coming off mountains.


On a porch swing,

in the late summer

and a dusk Tennessee breeze

I fix my eyes upon you

so cobalt and rising.


On a porch swing,

skin goose-bumping

and thoughts lost in the blue of the Smokies

…nights filled with your sweet aromas that I have no words for, the ones that invade and linger and expand my soul’s senses

…sunsets that bathe and change you in a fiery-gold radiance, fueling in me a desire to shine with the same brilliance.


On a porch swing,

reverie torn between where I’m going

and where I’ve been,

I cannot seem to love enough

the much I will miss

about home and the rising.