August, Get Thee Behind Me

by cobaltandrising

 This summer in the place I call home

…we’ve had 73 triple digit days (all-time record)
…we’ve observed 21 days at or above 105 (record:  22 days- in 1925)
…we’ve observed 27 consecutive 100+ days (all-time record)
…we’re in the running for the hottest summer ever
…we’ve had only a TRACE of rain, making it the 2nd driest August ever (tie with 2010)

A few more stats for you:

7– The number of live scorpions we’ve found in our abode in the last three weeks.

5–  The number of dead ones we’ve found.  (Yes, I know—not a good ratio no matter how you work it.)

1– Scorpion sting.  (Ouch is an understatement…but we now know it’s quite survivable.)

110, 112, 109– The temperatures of the weekend and today.

And, yes, in case you are wondering, we did attempt the old fry an egg outside on the pavement experiment.  And if I hadn’t been floating in my own sweat, I just might have taken a picture of it.

Anybody else out there LONGING for winter?