The Right Thing

by cobaltandrising

The coupon is eyeballing me this morning.  Lying on the top of my desk pile, it shouts to me “15% off something that is never, ever an extra 15% off”!  And I know its declaration is true because I have watched the price of the much-longed-for thing for months now.  The expiration date is next week.  How in the world can I just let this pined-for and now-on-sale thing pass me by???

I remember once reading a book about dating relationships where the author advised “the right thing at the wrong time is the wrong thing”.  Such a nifty little piece of advice that I can still apply over and over again throughout the day.

That truth I want to fling at my husband first thing in the morning?  You know, the one I want to speak before coffee is drunk or love is conveyed or good morning is spoken?

(Right thing, wrong time.)

That encouragement (packaged in a really loud voice) I want to give my daughter?  The one to save her so much heartache down the road if she’ll just hear it and get it now?

(Right thing, wrong time.)

That double-decker dose of apple pie at 9pm?

(Saddle bags chant, “right thing, right thing!” but jeans that I want to wear again someday say “wrong, so very wrong!”)

That coveted thing that I have stalked for months now?

(Possibly the right thing, definitely the wrong time.)

If I am really brave today, I will pre-empt the coupon and toss it in the trash. Holding out hope, I might let it linger on my desktop a few more days, barely glance at it the day after it expires, and finally send it packing.  (Oh sales and coupons, how I do love thee…)

But enough about me and coupon angst.  What about you?  Got any right things that need to slide on over to the wrong thing category today?