by cobaltandrising

And now I find I have to begin again…

Three months ago I dared myself to be grateful, and there has been much, oh so much, in the numbering of God’s gifts to me.

There was also a stretch of weeks where I felt like a grain of sand, feeling the tide of others’ pain rolling up and over and back down  again and again and again.  Six weeks full of words from friends and family like death, divorce, cancer, abuse.  I listened. I hurt. I carried their stories in my heart. I prayed. And to be honest, I just didn’t feel like saying much.  Thus, the long pause in our adventuring together.

The daily gratitude count is hard when the pain tides roll, no? For those of you who joined me in The Joy Dare, soldier on friends. There is much to be thankful for!

Oh, and yes, just to keep things interesting, I had another friendly little shoulder-of-the-road convo with the Po-Po. (Pretty for sure that didn’t make the daily list of thanksgiving.)  What can I say except that if the Po-Po is a moth, then I am just a big honkin’ flame.  As a matter of fact, the Po-Po is so popular in our house that my daughters now have a fancy little Po-Po song.  Stay tuned because it’s coming soon…