Hello all…  My name is Brandi.  I’m a woman who could subsist on sweet tea alone, wife to my most trusted friend (Lubbock), and mother to two daughters (the sweet peas) and a much-loved dog named Gracie.  I’m a current Texas-dweller whose heart will always be lost somewhere in the mountains.

I sincerely believe what a great professor of mine once said: “The most important thought you will ever think is what you think about God…because what you think about God will determine every dimension of your existence.”  I spend most of my days just trying to flesh out that truth, chasing the unseen in ways big and small.

So, what’s the deal with cobalt and rising?  I knew you were just dying, dying, to know this.

When I left the home of my youth over a decade ago, I wrote a poem entitled (you guessed it) Cobalt and Rising.  The poem is about leaving the Smoky Mountains and home–all I knew to be safe and profoundly meaningful at that time in my life.  In the years since, I’ve realized Cobalt and Rising is more than a poem to me.  It is, in fact, the way in which I view all of life.  I look to the mountains for hope, rest and reassurance; and yet, like the writer of Psalm 121, I’m a pilgrim who lifts my eyes unto the hills…and then even higher to the creator of the beauty set before me.